Welcome to Mindy's Take & Bake!

What *is* Mindy's Take & Bake?

A chef delivery/pick-up service! Made from scratch, restaurant quality, home-style delicious delivered to your door or available for pick-up. We have a small shop right off Main St in Sharpsburg where we prepare a weekly, seasonally appropriate menu of soups, breakfast-y things, snacks, entrees and desserts, all from scratch, with a variety of items that can accommodate most preferences & diets, presented as complete meals or a la carte! A new menu goes out every Sunday morning for delivery the following Saturday. Order period closes for the week at noon Tuesday. We package everything cold (never frozen unless specified) for easy reheat, ensuring you can get a delicious meal to your table with as little effort as humanly possible without sacrificing quality, flavor, or time.

Delivery Details

Our delivery area is within 20 miles of the shop in Sharpsburg, so all of Allegheny County and into the outlying counties. Minimum order for delivery is $25. Local Delivery is within 15 miles and is free. Extended Delivery is between 15-20 miles with a $5 charge unless over $100, then it is free. Contact us for delivery outside of our designated area. All delivery fees are paid to the drivers. Delivery is on Saturdays between noon-4pm. Delivery is contactless - we will deliver to your porch (or other designated location) and text/call upon our arrival. All food is packaged cold with reheat & serving instructions included.

Pick-Up Details

There is no minimum order or charge for pick-up. Pick-Up hours 11a-6pm Saturdays at the Shop - 1100 N Canal St 15215. We can deliver to your car, just call or text 412.420.9537 upon arrival.


Order Period - Sunday 8am to 4pm Tuesday

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A note about Menu Photos...

They are most often *not* going to perfectly match the listed/described menu item, they are more to give you a general idea of what we are making. Since I write a new menu every week dishes, even ones I make repeatedly, will rarely appear the exact same way twice and I can't post an accurate photo until it's cooked, which is well after the menu is posted. Please read the descriptions to get the details about each dish, the photo isn't always going to be accurate. Thanks! ~Mindy