See a need, fill a need.

Hi :) I'm Mindy. A local chef. Who made a shift at the end of 2019 from running an amazing Pub in the South Side into catering - large event/venue catering specifically - that was, well, laughable given the gift of hindsight. So a whole lot of work that was lined up for 2020 was suddenly gone. Which, not gonna lie, was a bit of a shock to a human accustomed to putting in 50 hour work weeks.  And I now had a slew of friends and acquaintances that were at home trying to figure out how to work from home, home school and have some kind of life in general when doing EVERYTHING became an ordeal because Pandemic. It occurred to me that my idle hands could be useful, And Mindy's Pandemic Kitchen was born. It was kind of Fight Club-style, you got on the list by knowing someone on the list to get the hook up. A year later and well, we've moved out of the basement into a fully loaded kitchen in Sharpsburg and into our very own website! 

Well, what it is? Mainly a personal chef home delivery & catering service. I create and post a new menu every week of made-from-scratch, home-style, restaruant-y comfort food packaged for easy re-heat for contactless delivery. Menu has a little bit of everything - Soups, snacks, breakfast/lunch items, entrees, fresh baked desserts & baked goods - for herbivores, omnivores & carnivores :)  We cook all of our food from scratch, using the best ingredients I can get my hands on, all designed to get delicious, home cooked meals & treats on your table with as little work as humanly possible. 

How does it work? I post new menus and the order period opens Sunday morning, order cut off is Tuesday at noon, we deliver or you pick up on Saturday. Delivery & Pick-Up details can be found here

Thanks for checking us out, and I hope you give us the chance to feed you :) -Mindy

*Allergen/Dietary Restrictions - I ask that if you have an allergy or dietary restrictions that you contact me directly to chat about it; I do my very best to accommodate any restrictions/allergen concerns I can but my kitchen is home to gluten, nuts/tree nuts, dairy, eggs and soy.  Though I do take every precaution possible to prevent ANY cross contamination when handling Gluten Free, Vegan, Soy, Nut, etc allergies and sensitivities, they all do exist in our kitchen.